Wheat Nuts®


Taste the original recipe Wheat Nuts® product that has been enjoyed by generations of snackers for over 45 years.

Wheat Nuts® are the crunchy good, nutty tasting snack made from nutritious wheat germ and delivering 100% nut allergen free. Wheat Nuts® combine three different shapes and sized pieces: cogs, slices, and horseshoes for a one-of-a-kind nut alternative snack mix. This truly unique product delivers the look, taste, and crunch of tree nuts without the nut allergens or the high cost.

What’s more is that Wheat Nuts® are packed with beneficial nutritional properties including nutritious wheat germ oil and 3 grams (11%) of a complete protein complex that delivers a snack that fills you up and fuels both the body and the mind. Unlike nuts and seeds, Wheat Nuts® also offer easy digestibility for those who have digestive concerns like IBS or other related digestive or gut ailments.

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Wheat nuts

I love these nuts just wish I could find them in the store......i ordered 6 bags and. About to order more...
Posted by Cheryl Golightly, 13th Aug 2020

Delicious Wheat Nuts

We used to get these years ago. Finally, we found them again. Delicious as ever. Tons of affection for Wheat Nuts. Will be ordering more, always will. No allergies to regular nuts, these are just very tasty.
Posted by Anne, 29th Jul 2020

Nada Nuts are Back

Thses taste just like I remember them. Nut satisfaction with none of the downstream problems. They are terrific.
Posted by Louis Berkman, 20th Jul 2020

Wheat Nuts

We were happy with the Wheat Nuts. They taste a little different than we remembered when we had them years ago but they still have a good taste.
Posted by George L. Shogan, 11th Jul 2020

Love the Wheat Nuts

I have a severe tree nut allergy. People say they taste like some nuts. I don't care, I like them
Posted by Phil Farris Jr, 3rd Jun 2020


Thank you for making this product. Wheat Nuts have been my go to snack for many years. The delivery was perfect
Posted by LEANNE EMERY, 25th May 2020

Wheat Nuts

Finally found wheat nuts on line. Not available in stores any longer.
Posted by mary smeriglio, 24th May 2020

Great taste, great memories

I ordered Wheatnuts when my sister pointed out where she found them. Why aren’t they advertised at all? They are so tasty, good for people with a nut allergy and they are just plain FUN! I love that they are in a bag now. So convenient.
Posted by Elizabeth Garvin, 22nd May 2020

A Favorite

I always loved Wheat Nuts. They’re hard to find in the stores any more, but the price for buying them online was more than fair. I’m really enjoying snacking on them on the weekends!
Posted by Tim Tompkins, 14th May 2020