Wheat Nuts®


Taste the original recipe Wheat Nuts® product that has been enjoyed by generations of snackers for over 45 years.

Wheat Nuts® are the crunchy good, nutty tasting snack made from nutritious wheat germ and delivering 100% nut allergen free. Wheat Nuts® combine three different shapes and sized pieces: cogs, slices, and horseshoes for a one-of-a-kind nut alternative snack mix. This truly unique product delivers the look, taste, and crunch of tree nuts without the nut allergens or the high cost.

What’s more is that Wheat Nuts® are packed with beneficial nutritional properties including nutritious wheat germ oil and 3 grams (11%) of a complete protein complex that delivers a snack that fills you up and fuels both the body and the mind. Unlike nuts and seeds, Wheat Nuts® also offer easy digestibility for those who have digestive concerns like IBS or other related digestive or gut ailments.

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They're delicious. I'm 50 years old and have eaten them since I was a little girl. I was disappointed when I couldn't buy them in the grocery store a few years ago and was happy to find them available once again online.
Posted by Brenda Kolenda, 12th Nov 2019

Wheat nuts

I hadn't had wheat nuts in years and several of our friends had never had them. I tried finding them locally in our grocery stores but had no luck. I googled and found I could order, so I did! They are just as good as I remember!
Posted by DeAnn Williams, 7th Nov 2019