About Us

Inclusion Technologies

Founded in 2014 after buying the assets of Anacon Foods, Inclusion Technologies is a full line supplier of specialty food inclusions and snack products to the Food Industry. Based in Atchison Kansas, Inclusion Technologies operates out of a 25,000 sq. foot facility originally built by Pillsbury and then later owned by Anacon Foods. The unique facility was completely refurbished and modernized and is now an FDA, kosher approved, and SQF-certified food manufacturing plant to assure consistent product quality to a new generation of customers. Inclusion Technologies manufactures nut analogs, replacers and extenders, and flavored particulates in various sizes and shapes including nuggets, flakes, savory bits, and coated sugars.

Long Snacking History

The legacy and history of Wheat Nuts and Nadanut dates back to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when the products and processes were originally discovered and developed by Pillsbury, one of the leading food companies at the time. In the 1970’s annual sales eclipsed $10,000,000 with strong advertising and even some television spots on the Price is Right. 

Given that Pillsbury was one of the world’s leading flour manufacturers, they had a steady supply of wheat germ available as a by-product. The challenge with wheat germ is that it is packed with wheat germ oil, which is not very stable, so raw wheat germ will go rancid within 30-60 days if not further processed. The first challenge for the Pillsbury team was to figure out a way to stabilize this raw wheat germ, which they eventually did and developed a patented process to accomplish this. Then, they went to work trying to find a new product that could be developed using the stabilized wheat germ, and this is how and why Wheat Nuts were first invented.   Then, the custom food facility that Inclusion Technologies now owns was built across the street from one of Pillsbury’s largest flour mills in Atchison Kansas in order to stabilize the wheat germ and to make the Wheat Nuts products.


This unique patented nut analog technology is a perfect example of a product developed before it’s time in the marketplace, because back in the 1970’s there were not as many concerns with nut allergies and there was also no such thing as $8.00/lb pecans or other high cost tree nuts! In the “age of allergenicity” with the ever-expanding nut free community, and in the age of drought and natural disasters that are impacting the cost and supply of tree nuts, the market and consumer need has never been better for this type of nut alternative technology.

Under the Anacon Foods ownership, the product range was extended to include Bowlby’s® Bits and a complete range of specialty snack mixes and specialty confectionery under the Bowlby’s® brand and label.


Wheat Nuts and Bowlby’s Bits were available on over 2,700 grocery store shelves across the nation and beloved by many consumers up until 2012 when Anacon Foods decided to close down their business.   Inclusion Technologies then bought the assets in 2014 and after an extended supply interruption of the retail products to grocery stores and consumers, they instead decided to focus their attention on the industrial B2B ingredients business. Then, after intense renewed interest from the loyal customers of Wheat Nuts, they decided to start offering the product once again, but only through online sales. In conjunction with this new online sales offering, the packaging was also changed and upgraded from the 7 oz plastic bottle to an 8 oz resealable stand up pouch.

In 2018, the legacy recipes were reformulated to offer a more modernized, clean-labeled version of the Wheat Nuts and Nadanuts, and thus the Nadanut Non-GMO product was born. Planned as a new offering in late 2019 or early 2020 is a complete line of seasoned Nadanut products including some tasty flavors such as Salted Caramel, Sour Cream & Onion, Korean Barbeque, Honey Sriracha, and Wasabi Soy.  

We look forward to satisfying your snack cravings and tantalizing your taste buds for years to come…   You Won’t Believe That It’s Nadanut.