We are proud and excited to once again offer consumers the ability to buy some of their favorite snack products that they have enjoyed for decades:

Wheat Nuts®, which were originally developed by Pillsbury in the late 1970’s and had been on the marketplace for 35 years before being pulled off the market by Anacon Foods in late 2013, are a cult classic snack product that has a nationwide following of die hard Wheat Nutters.  This is especially true during the Fall football season when avid tailgaters are mixing up their favorite trail mix concoction; we heard that they simply were not the same without the favorite component of many, the Wheat Nuts®. 

Bowlby’s Bits® were originally sold by Bowlby’s Candy Company in Waupaca WI and enjoyed a large following of consumers through various bulk food purchasing channels. Available in three main varieties: unsalted pecan, salted pecan, and salted cashew these products deliver the sensory sensation of nuts without any nut allergens or the very high prices of nuts. These products are now marketed under the Nadanut® brand.


Nadanut® packages are currently available for shipping to all 50 U.S. States.